This Book Will Make Your Law Firm More Profitable

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About RJon Robins

RJon Robins is co-founder and president of How to Manage Enterprises, which helps more than a thousand entrepreneurs of fast-growing law firms build businesses that work for them, instead of the other way around. RJon practices what he preaches, often working from his boat in sunny South Florida.

A Message From The Author:

If You Implement What's Explained in this Book, Your Law Firm Will Become More Profitable.

Not only will your law firm become more profitable, but you will feel more confidence. And you will begin to experience the unique satisfaction that comes from being able to put more of the revenue collected by your law firm into your own personal bank account, reliably every month and quarter. These are my promises to you – as author to reader. You will notice that I am not hedging. You WILL experience these results. I promise you these desirable effects will begin to show-up in your law firm and in your life as soon as – and in proportion to – the causes you put into action that I have explained in plain English throughout this book.