Unlock Deeper Client Insights with ChatGPT: Elevate Marketing Strategies for Any Law Practice

Discover How AI Can Help You Understand Your Clients on a Whole New Level, Boosting Your Firm’s Success

  • Tap into the Power of AI: Leverage ChatGPT’s advanced AI capabilities to uncover the intricate details of your ideal clients, including their core problems, fears, and desired outcomes, enabling you to tailor your services to their exact needs.

  • Enhance Client Relationships: By understanding your clients at a deeper level, you can build stronger and more meaningful relationships, fostering loyalty and referrals over time.

  • Stay Ahead of the Competition: Gain a competitive edge by leveraging ChatGPT to uncover unique insights about your target market, allowing you to outsmart and outperform rival firms.

  • Improve ROI: Maximize the return on your marketing investment by utilizing ChatGPT to create highly relevant and impactful content that speaks to the core emotions of your potential new clients.

  • Drive Client Acquisition: Attract more qualified leads and convert them into clients by delivering messages that resonate with their specific needs, pain points, and aspirations.

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Today, I need your assistance as a master marketing analyst. I want you to create an ideal avatar for my FAMILY law firm.

[Target Prospect]=  Mom of 2 kids who lives in New York City looking to get divorced and makes at least $100k a year. She is disappointed in her husband lost respect for him. She is a professional woman who feels she can thrive better without the weight of their husband. 

Create a detailed list of information about our ideal avatar. The information should follow this structure:




Brief Description

Core Problem

The Core Problem They Face

Top 5 Emotions Around That Problem

Top 5 Biggest Fears To Focus On In A Pre-Consult Email Campaign

5 Ways Those Fears Affect Close Relationships

5 Conversational But Hurtful Things Those Relationships Might Say

Other Solutions

What They’ve Tried in the Past (List 5-6 Different Solutions)

Brief Conversational Soundbites About What They’ve Tried in the Past

What They Don’t Want to Do to Fix Their Problem

Brief Conversational Soundbites About What They Don’t Want to Do

Primary Transformation

If a Genie Could Snap Their Fingers and Give Them The Perfect Solution, What Would Their Life Look Like?

How Would It Affect 3-4 Of Their Closest Relationships?

Client Specifics

What Does the Client Hinge Their Success On?

What Does the Client Have to Give Up By Giving Up Their Problem?

Who Does the Client Blame For Their Problem?

What Are the Top 5 Biggest Objections the Client Might Have For Their Problem?

Here’s more context for each point:

Core Problem:

This is the central, dominating issue in their life. i.e. Dad is worried that they will lose their kids during the divorce process in an unfair court system, they will lose their license and can't get to work after getting a DUI, feeling stuck in the rat race, can't date beautiful women, etc.

Top 5 Biggest Fears To Focus On In A Pre-Consult Email Campaign

Give me the deepest fears that the prospect likely wouldn't admit out loud unless nobody else was listening. Fears that can often keep them awake at night. Give detailed explantions.  Each of these will be the focus of a single email in a campaign leading up to a meeting with the attorney.

How Fears Affect Relationships:

Give me more SPECIFIC examples of how each of these fears would affect SPECIFIC relationships. Be vivid, descriptive, and emotional. How would these fears (if realized) impact the people around our prospect? Example: their spouse, children, parents, friends, co-workers, professionals aware of their situation, and anyone else that they may interact with on a regular basis.

Hurtful Things These People Might Say:

Continuing with this scenario, what are some SPECIFIC things these people may say to our prospect? Things they may find hurtful, whether they intended for that to happen or not.

Magic Genie Solution (5 Dimensionalized Outcomes):

Imagine that our prospect meets a magic genie that can create the perfect solution that actually addresses and solves this issue. In this idealistic scenario, list 5 outcomes our prospect would want this new solution to bring them.

Things The Prospect Doesn’t Want to Have to Do (W/ Soundbites):

Great, now in this ideal scenario, list 5 things our prospect DOESN'T want to have to do in order to get all these amazing results. Be specific. Use “soundbites” spoken from the prospect’s internal monologue. Make them realistic, conversational and emotional.

How Would It Affect Emotions, Activities, Relationships:

Assuming the genie granted our prospect all of these wishes, in what specific ways does would this impact their life? Think about confidence, sex appeal, what they wear, how other treats them. Remember, this is our prospect’s dream scenario. It’s their wildest imagination. So it’s OK for them to have vain desires in this scenario. We're looking for key emotional drivers that they would never admit to anyone else.

What Would They, As A Client, Hinge Their Success On:

Many law firm clients believe they need to reach a certain condition in order to have a certain result (i.e., divorce client may think they need custody of kids, DUI client may feel the charges need to be dropped, personal injury client may want to get a huge settlement quickly, etc). Their ultimate emotional satisfaction is hinged on that condition. 

What Would They, As A Client, Have to Give Up:

Please think deep into the psychological layers of the human mind. People often gain some satisfaction from their problem, even if it’s negative. For example, their spouse filing for divorce might give them a reason to pity themselves. Being broke might fuel their anger. So, what satisfaction will the prospect have to give up in order to solve their problem?

Who They Blame:

What outside forces do our prospect blame for their problem? What takes the blame off of their shoulders? This could be the government, food corporations, their bosses, their parents, or what they were taught by gurus.

How To Market To Them

Suggest suitable marketing channels for this audience and the copywriting style that would be most impactful.  

Include a section will bullet points of their preferred communication channels.

Include a section of potential referral partners that would know these same people and be aware of their problem. 

Include a section with 3 suggested voices we should use when creating emails with ChatGPT for this avatar. ​

Include a section with 3 Google Ads calling out this avatar at an emotional level that focuses on their fears or ideal outcome. Refrain from using copy about the firm, and keep the focus on the prospective clients emotions.  

Include a section with 3 emotional direct response headlines for a landing page that would capture this avatars attention by calling out their biggest fears and idel outcomne.

How They Will Choose An Attorney To Represent Them

Break down the 3 strongest factors that will determine how this avatar will reach a decision on what attorney they will choose. For example, they may be price-conscious, read reviews, want an attorney who has inside connections to the course, etc.  Expand on each of the 3 key points and give a suggestion on how an attorney can demonstrate these qualities to win over a prospective client.


-The pain points should be common and widely shared among the target audience.

-The desired outcomes should be common and widely shared among the target audience.

-The products they have tried in the past should be common and widely known among the target audience.

Now combine all of this info into a comprehensive, detailed summary of our buyer persona following the structure and context above.

This summary must include all the deep emotional drivers that inspire people like our prospect to take action. Include all relevant details and quotes. It should help write effective advertising materials targeting people with ads, emails, and sales letters.