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The Profit First For Lawyers book is out!

It is time to celebrate the official launch of the Profit First For Lawyers book. We thank you for listening, watching, subscribing, sharing the podcast with colleagues, sending us your questions, and of course for buying the book! 

This podcast was created by Team RJon as part of the book launch. We had a goal to sell 10,000 books.and as you’ve heard in previous episodes that goal was met and exceeded. By how much? On the publication date of August 28, 2023, the official tally was 27,715 books sold!!! We are beyond excited and cannot wait to share feedback from readers (you) in future episodes.

RJon in the Studio: Profit Defined

For RJon profit goes beyond finances. In a thought-proving clip, RJon provides his definition of profit and explains why profit has a place in all areas of your life. At the core profit is exchanging something you value less for something you value more. RJon shares a personal story to illustrate this point further. 

Profit First in Action

At the recent Live Quarterly Meeting (LQM,) Karli interviewed How To Manage (HTM) members on how Profit First has worked for them:

  • Sam Brotman, Tax Attorney: Implementing Profit First initially seemed counterintuitive. The reality is the simplicity and effectiveness of Profit First has given him profit and peace of mind. 
  • Helen Bukulmez, Immigration/Injury Lawyer: Helen recommends law firm owners look into Profit First even if the name seems off-putting.. In financial, professional, and personal matters, she now begins with a question, “Is this going to pay me first?”
  • Ron & Julie Pollack, Personal Injury Lawyers: Adopting Profit First Accounting Principles transformed their firm (and their relationship) by finally putting themselves first.

Connect & Engage

And most importantly, order your copy of the Profit First For Lawyers book today.

Your future self will thank you!