The 7 Parts of Every Successful Law Firm: Part 5 – Physical Plant

In the fifth part of our ongoing series, we focus on Physical Plant. The importance of matching your law firm’s growth with effective work environments and the necessary tools your staff needs for work.

Part 5: Physical Plant graphic of the 7 Main Part of Every Successful Law Firm. Graphic shows tall buildings.

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Tea Time with Karli

The water is boiling and it is time for some tea. RJon is back in the studio to finally record Chapter 5. Or at least that is what Karli hopes will happen after getting the green light on the latest revised script. Tune in to find out how well that did or didn’t work.

In the Studio

In the first clip, RJon explains Physical Plant, which includes everything your staff needs to work. Such as desks, chairs, computers, software, and workspace in-person or remote. Physical Plant must also align with your business and growth plans. RJon says, “You’ve got to keep your physical plant right-sized to your law firm.” 

In the second clip, RJon expands on Physical Plant as it relates to aligning marketing and sales with client expectations. He illustrates this point by contrasting the expectations and experiences of a meal at a fast food restaurant vs. a meal at a fancy steak restaurant. 

The Series Continues

Join us in episode 19 where RJon will reveal more key insights into the 7 Parts of Every Successful Law Firm. Which also happen to be the same parts of every unsuccessful law firm. Until then, we invite you to:

And most importantly, order your copy of the Profit First For Lawyers book today. 

Your future self will thank you!