Reinventing Yourself

When it comes to the growth of your practice, continually reinventing yourself should be a priority.

But what does reinventing really mean?

In this episode of the Profit First For Lawyers Podcast, we have a special treat with Team RJon’s Tami Cumpston joining us to share one of her favorite clips of RJon’s time in the studio while recording the Profit First For Lawyers audiobook.

Tami talks about why the topic of reinvention was such an important one to her as she went through her own reinvention when she changed her career of 27 years to eventually, work for Team RJon. When it comes to your business, there’s a whole new level of reinvention, and according to RJon it should constantly be evolving.

We also asked you to send in questions, and you delivered. On this podcast, we have our very first answer from RJon himself while he’s vacationing in Paris with his family! So you’ll also get to hear RJon’s insight on how you should be spending your profits for growth.

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