In this episode, Beckie Moriello shares their journey from struggling solo practitioner to million-dollar law firm owner. Despite working long hours in their immigration law firm, Beckie found themselves confused and frustrated when their undocumented clients were earning more than they were.

Turning Points

There were two key moments which prompted Beckie to seek change:

  1. Passing the specialization exam in North Carolina, putting them in the top 4% of attorneys
  2. Turning 40 and realizing they needed to figure out how to run their firm better

After researching various practice management companies, Beckie decided to join How To MANAGE a Small Law Firm (HTM) convinced by their expertise and the potential for positive change.


With HTM’s guidance, Beckie focused on improving the firm’s operations and client service. Working with HTM over the past 3+ years allowed them to free up their time, become more profitable, and help more clients. More recently they have achieved a long-held dream that is greatly impacting their community through outreach, fundraising, and mentoring.

Key Takeaways

  • Recognize that a badly run law firm can become a well-run law firm with qualified external solutions
  • You can experience profit (personal, professional, and financial) in your business and life
  • Life is a just employer; it gives you what you ask for
  • Every problem contains an opportunity, and every opportunity is wrapped in a problem
  • Don’t be afraid to make decisions as the law firm owner

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