Sacrifice vs. Value

In this episode we tackle a harmful and self-limiting belief that runs rampant in the legal community, the Doctrine of Sacrifice. Which is a belief that celebrates sacrifice for the sake of sacrifice, elevating it above all else. This is something which negatively impacts lawyers’ lives and businesses.

Defining “The Doctrine of Sacrifice”

RJon explains that “The Doctrine of Sacrifice” traces its roots back 500 years to a lawyer who was canonized as the patron saint of lawyers. This doctrine:

  • Elevates sacrifice above all else, holding that sacrifices is the end and not just the means
  • Celebrates sacrifice for the sake of sacrifice, presupposing that sacrifice is good for its own sake
  • Leads lawyers to compare and brag about how much they sacrifice without focusing on the value they create

What’s More Profitable, Sacrifice or Value?

RJon’s definition of profit is something you exchange that you value more of something you exchange for something you value less. This stems from a voluntary exchange where both parties profit. He stresses that businesses will not profit without helping others profit as well.

He emphasizes that clients care about the value they receive and not how much a lawyer sacrificed working on their case or matter. Which highlights one way sacrifice can limit the ways in which lawyers create value for their clients and ultimately for themselves.

Rejecting “The Doctrine of Sacrifice”

RJon and How To MANAGE a Small Law Firm executive Oscar Ferenczi discussed this is further detail during the 12 Days of Law Firm Growth. Lawyers who focus on what they want out of life reject this common concept. By doing so, lawyers can:

  1. Take control of their lives and do thing that serve them
  2. Be happier, more productive, and more profitable
  3. Reach their fullest potential and help more people in the process

Key Takeaways

  • “The Doctrine of Sacrifice” is a harmful belief that celebrates sacrifice for its own sake
  • Clients care about value, not how much lawyers sacrifice
  • Profit is exchanging something you value less for something you value more
  • Rejecting “The Doctrine of Sacrifice” leads to a happier, more productive, and more profitable life.

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