Killing Your Ego

Join us on the journey of overcoming ego, reaching your full potential, and putting profit first both personally and professionally. 

In this episode, we explore “Killing Your Ego” with Raul Longoria, the Creative Designer for Team RJon. As the “graphics guy” for Team RJon, Raul shows how he turns simple documents into a visually compelling designs.

Raul offers insights from working directly with RJon Robins. Raul describes how RJon’s words of wisdom helped him overcome ego roadblocks to reach his full potential. Karli and Raul discuss the DUNNING-KRUGER Effect and how ego impacts each stage.

Image of the Dunning-Kruger effect for reference as it relates to ego.

RJon in the Studio:

Raul shares a clip of RJon in the studio during a powerful coaching session. We think this quote speaks volumes:

“Your ego is not your friend. Your ego is holding you back. The sooner we can kill it, the better off you’ll be.”

RJon Robins

Raul and Karli introduce listeners to Delisi Friday, Chief of Staff (and so much more) for Team RJon. Listeners will hear a clip of Delisi and RJon at the most recent Live Quarterly Meeting, where Delisi had something important to tell RJon.

The Big Reveal:

Listeners know that Team RJon stealth launched RJon’s book Profit First For Lawyers with this podcast while RJon was in Paris. RJon has returned, and it was time to let the cat out of the bag. Hear the behind-the-scenes story and RJon’s surprised reaction in front of an audience at the Live Quarterly Meeting! 

Thank you for being part of Team RJon’s stealth launch and sharing this podcast with your colleagues and friends. Stay tuned for even more episodes of the Profit First For Lawyers podcast as we continue sharing actionable insights so you can put your Profit First.

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