You Are Exhausted…Or Are You?

Ever felt like exhaustion has become your constant companion? You are not alone. In this episode of Profit First For Lawyers, we explore why so many of us feel perpetually exhausted in our work and lives.

Safe vs. Scary

We start with a clip of RJon Robins in the studio during a coaching session. In which he reveals how the subconscious mind often acts as a safety brake when we are on the verge of significant change. Especially when it comes to financial stability. He explores the tendency to cling to what’s familiar and fear what’s new. A factor that often leads to unintentional self-sabotage.

Key Takeaway

RJon offers a powerful counter-action with the transformative mantra, ‘Do it anyway.’

A clear message to persist through the exhaustion. Not to invite burnout, but to dismantle subconscious barriers that may be preventing progress. 

Book Review

We also hear from one of the advanced readers of the Profit First For Lawyers book, attorney Marie Drake. She shares her journey toward financial maturity and the profound impact profit first has had on her life.

Ready to turn the page on self-sabotage and prioritize your profit? Visit or Amazon to order your copy of the Profit First For Lawyers book. Your future self will thank you.