The 7 Parts of a Successful Law Firm: Part 1 – Marketing

This episode kicks off an in-depth series on the seven key areas that make up a successful law firm. Which also happen to be the same seven key areas that make up unsuccessful law firms. 

The clips (and inspiration) for this series stem from a chapter of the Profit First For Lawyers book and audiobook that was almost left on the cutting room floor. 

From Cutting Room Floor to Featured Series

While recording the audiobook, RJon Robins expanded upon chapter five of the book version with what he calls an unscripted “special bonus chapter.” 

The valuable lessons in this seven-part series will show law firms of every size how they can achieve growth by getting each of these seven parts in alignment. 

We begin with marketing. 

Graphic for Marketing (image of a magnet) which is part one of the seven parts of a successful law firm in the Profit First For Lawyers book.

“Marketing should not only be used as a magnet to attract the right kind of clients to you. It should also be used as a magnet to repel the wrong kind of clients…”

RJon Robins

Tea Time with Karli

Karli reveals behind-the-scenes stories from editing the early book manuscript and discovering a major hole related to this chapter. More tea to come in future episodes in this series!

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