Our Promise To You

The curtain closes on a sensational season for the Profit First For Lawyers podcast. We thank you for joining us each week for episodes filled with actionable insights.

This podcast was launched in advance of the Profit First For Lawyers book publish date. All while RJon was in Paris. The surprise reveal about the podcast to RJon at the July Live Quarterly Meeting (LQM) made for some fun moments on stage.

RJon in Paris

In a never before seen video from Paris, RJon filmed his experience at a chocolatier. In true RJon fashion, a cup of hot chocolate turned into an insightful teaching moment.

Team RJon Favorite Moments

As we wrap-up the season we sat down and spoke with members of Team RJon who shared their favorite moments. We also look back on the promises and goals we had for the podcast when it launched in June 2023.

Blooper Reel

Putting together a podcast with Team RJon and featured guests from distances near and far made for informative and sometimes humorous moments captured on video.

Links Mentioned

Connect and Engage

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