BONUS 1 of 2: The Managing Partners Podcast with RJon Robins

This bonus episode of the Profit First For Lawyers podcast was originally featured on The Managing Partners Podcast hosted by Kevin Daisey. This interview with RJon Robins is the first in a two-part series.

Redefining Success

RJon shares his transformative journey from financial adversity to profitability. This episode focuses on the critical mindset shift law firm owners should embrace as entrepreneurial professionals who sell legal services. RJon’s insights into ethical profitability and strategic business management serve as a guide for law firms seeking sustained growth and success. Look for the second episode of the two-part series next week.

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Key Takeaways

  • The simplicity of running a law firm with the right processes and mindset
  • How To MANAGE a Small Law Firm is for entrepreneurial law firm owners
  • The ethical obligation of law firm owners to market their services and the importance of running a profitable law firm
  • The marketing and profit misconception
  • The transformative impact law firm owners experience when adopting the entrepreneurial mindset

Big News

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