The 7 Parts of Every Successful Law Firm: Part 6 – Money & Metrics

We have arrived to the sixth-part of our seven-part series. With marketing, sales, production, people, and physical plant in alignment, it is the time to focus on financial controls also known as money and metrics.

Money & Metrics is part six of the 7 Main Parts of Every Successful Law Firm. Graphic for Money & Metrics shows a dollar sign in the center of a circle broken up into three equal sections.

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Tea Time with Karli

Karli shares more behind-the-scenes moment from the audiobook recording sessions, including creative attempts to finally get through the problematic Chapter 5. After multiple frustrating tries, will one more studio session do the trick?

In the Studio

In the first clip, RJon explains financial controls in relation to tracking revenue, expenses, and profit to show whether all of the work being done each day, week, month, and year is (or is not) building equity in your business. In the second clip, RJon goes into a detailed explanation of the Budget Variance Report. Hear RJon’s real client stories illustrating how Budget Variance Reports identified issues requiring further investigation. In one particular story, an investigation into a growing gas expense variance alerted the firm to an employee’s dangerous car leak. This discovery not only brought the gas variance back in alignment, but also potentially saved the employee’s life.

The Series Continues

Join us in episode 21 where RJon will share the seventh and final part of the 7 Parts of Every Successful Law Firm. Which also happen to be the same parts of every unsuccessful law firm. Until then, we invite you to:

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