Truth is Kind

Denise Doonkeen returns to discuss how truthful yet kind communication, even when uncomfortable, leads to better outcomes in business and life.

A Coaching Session In The Studio

We hear a behind-the-scenes clip of RJon coaching Karli in the studio. After a “flat” reading, he urges her to give him candid and honest feedback about his narration performance. He explains that hard truth is far kinder than being nice.

Assume Goodwill

Denise shares a story from a previous employment about an uncomfortable talk with an employee. Her kind yet direct approach brought an underlying issue the employee was dealing with to light, which led to a solution.

Karli and Denise emphasize the value of a thoughtful delivery when dealing with issues directly. They also discuss the importance of being open, coachable, and lifelong learners. Which is something they have observed in RJon.

Listen to Denise in episode 12: Perception vs. Reality

Connect and Engage

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