GAAP Was Not Meant For You

In our ongoing accounting and tax series, we begin a two episode deep-dive into Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). RJon takes a hard look at the origins of GAAP, explores why accountants and CPAs continue to use it, and why opting-out of GAAP is worth consideration.

RJon in the Studio

We hear a brief history lesson on the creation of GAAP. To do so we journey back to the Roaring ’20s when a booming stock market crashed triggering the Great Depression. This sudden financial collapse underscored the need for standardized financial reporting of publicly traded companies. So, GAAP was created with the goal of establishing rules and regulations to ensure transparency and accuracy in financial reporting. Which allowed investors the ability to make informed investment decisions. Which is a very good thing…for investors of publicly traded companies.

This is where RJon reminds listeners that small law firms are NOT publicly traded companies nor are they required to adhere strictly to GAAP. This is also where he encourages law firm owners to prioritize their profits and challenge the conventional use of GAAP by their bookkeepers and accountants.

To Be Continued…

The second part on the topic of GAAP continues in episode 31. For anyone who wants to skip ahead, turn to page 67 in the Profit First For Lawyers book to read more of RJon’s actionable insights.

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