Perception vs. Reality

 In this episode, Denise Doonkeen joins Karli to talk about the power of perception and how we are perceived by others. She discusses her role as Executive Assistant to Chief of Staff Delisi Friday. Denise also provides insight into her experience working with RJon, Delisi, and the team.

Mystery Clip Revealed

The clip Denise chose was a surprise to Karli, revealed during the episode recording. She selected a clip from a coaching session where RJon advises taking responsibility for how you’re perceived. Become aware of the impressions you give off, then take charge.

This clip reminded Denise of a childhood lesson she learned about crossed arms during a shopping trip with her mother.  She passed this lesson on to her own kids about body language awareness with some humorous results.

Q&A with RJon: Your Profit First Questions Answered!

Karli took the opportunity during an informal meeting to ask RJon questions submitted by listeners. Erik J. Olson asks how Profit First impacts your P&L statement and behavior. To hear RJon’s answer to the second of Erik’s questions be sure to listen to episode 14.

Do you have a question for RJon about Profit First? Send them to and we’ll get you answers. 

In the next episode we’ll continue with the 7 Main Parts of Every Successful Law Firm series with a healthy serving of tea. Past episodes:

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