Are You A Sucky Client?

In this revealing episode, RJon flips the script and calls out lawyers who may be sucky clients to their bookkeepers.

RJon in the Studio

In Chapter 16 of the Profit First for Lawyers book, RJon compares the attributes of disengaged legal clients to how some lawyers treat their bookkeepers.

From showing up late (or not at all) to meetings and expecting their lawyers to read their minds to shirking responsibility or not participating meaningfully in their case. These clients can be the most challenging to work with due to their lack of commitment and attention. Typically these are the same clients who often do not get the best outcomes.

RJon challenges listeners to take a look at their actions with their bookkeeper. Are they attentive and responsive to their bookkeeper’s questions? Are they an active participant ensuring their bookkeeper has what they need to complete financial reports accurately? 

RJon reminds us that the purpose of bookkeeping is to provide a historical record for both tax purposes and to inform on strategic financial decisions going forward. So to avoid being your bookkeeper’s “sucky client” be proactive and clear in your communication. 

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