Does Your Accountant Have An Entrepreneurial Mindset?

In this episode, Oscar Ferenczi, General Manager of How To Manage A Small Law Firm, joins Karli in the studio. Oscar with a rich background in business discusses the importance of truth in business, growth strategies, and why it’s essential to seek advice from people who have themselves achieved success.

RJon in the Studio

While accountants may be adept at accounting for revenues and expenditures, their entrepreneurship and growth expertise might be limited. He emphasizes how important it is for professionals, including accountants, to walk the talk and how crucial it is to be entrepreneurial and growth-focused, not just technically proficient. He challenges listeners to question their CPA’s or bookkeeper’s own business growth strategies and plans with the goal of seeking advice from professionals who practice what they preach.

One way to know if you are working with an accountant who has an entrepreneurial mindset is to ask them questions about how they run their business. The questions RJon asks in this clip will sound familiar to those who recall the 7 Parts of Every Successful Law Firm series.

Speaking Truths

Oscar shares the most profitable advice he’s received from RJon who holds a firm belief in “truth above all”. He and Karli discuss how transformative understanding (and receiving) truthfulness can be as an accelerant to personal and business growth. Oscar also discusses RJon’s “win-win” model, a driving force in deciding when and if projects move forward.

Connect and Engage

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