Focus On Things That Matter

In this episode, we are joined by RJon’s personal accountant, Daniel Ferro to discuss perspectives on profitability. Daniel shares his journey from traditional accounting jobs to joining RJon’s fast-paced team at How to Manage a Small Law Firm. Daniel offers a glimpse of what it is like to work closely with RJon and the insights he has learned along the way.

Defining Profitability

Daniel explains how RJon taught him the win-win concept. Which states that every honest exchange is profitable for both parties involved. Karli shares her own discussions with RJon about the win-win mindset as well.

Karli and Daniel discuss what profitability means both professionally and personally. Daniel reveals he is using Profit First accounting principles in his personal life. Which shifts the conversation to prioritizing what matters most in business and life.

RJon in the Studio

In a clip from chapter nine of the Profit First For Lawyers audiobook, RJon expands upon the possible answers to, “How profitable is your law firm?” A question with conventional and unconventional answers dependent on who is asking the question. The answers may surprise listeners.

Connect and Engage

And most importantly, order your copy of Profit First for Lawyers today!

Your future self will thank you!