Sell Is Not Just Another Four Letter Word

We’re kicking off a four-part series on a topic most law firm owners either love or love to hate: sales calls! Not to worry, we’ve got Tania Music, How To MANAGE a Small Law Firm’s very own sales expert leading the way.

Reframing the Sales Mindset

Tania shares her journey into sales and how she learned that a true sale is about helping people and connecting them with the solutions they need. She stresses that the goal of a sales conversation should be to leave the prospect better off, with more clarity and understanding regardless if they choose to work with your law firm.

A Simple Sales Process

Tania breaks down four key steps to a successful preliminary sales conversation:

  1. Confirm the time and duration of the call
  2. Assure the prospect of conversation confidentiality
  3. Get permission to take notes
  4. Set an agenda

She also advises law firm owners to slow down, get curious, and focus on the prospect’s needs and desires rather than jumping straight into problem-solving mode.

The Ethics of Non-Attorney Salespeople

Tania addresses the common misconception that having non-attorney salespeople is unethical. She clarifies that as long as the salesperson is not providing legal advice and the attorney reviews the case before accepting it, there is nothing unethical about this approach. In fact, it can be more ethical because it allows the firm to help more people by removing the attorney as a bottleneck in the sales process.

Key Takeaways

  • True sales is about helping people and connecting them with solutions
  • When you slow down and get curious about a prospect’s needs you’ll have more satisfying (and rewarding) results
  • Having a non-attorney salesperson on your staff is an effective growth strategy

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