Sales Mindset: It’s Not About You

We continue our four-part series on sales by examining the mindset culprits that could be preventing law firm owners from increasing their conversion rates. In this episode, RJon pulls no punches as he drills down to the core of what makes a successful sale. Turns out, it’s not about you.

Sales Is Simple…And Boring

RJon states that the technique of selling is simple and can be taught in just a few minutes. What is not so simple is the mindset of selling. Something, which can be overcome when sales is reframed from a focus on your needs to a focus on the client’s needs.

Blocking Sales Success

RJon identifies four main mindset issues that often hinder sales success:

  1. Desperation: Focusing on your own needs rather than being of service to the client.
  2. Victim Mentality: Seeing yourself as a victim instead of a creator.
  3. The need to be liked: Prioritizing being liked over being honest and helpful
  4. The need to be right: Stemming from ego, this need prevents you from understanding the client’s perspective.

By focusing on understanding the client’s needs and reasons for buying your services, you can become a more effective sales professional and ultimately grow your law firm.

Key Takeaways

  • Sales techniques are simple, but mindset issues can block success
  • Desperation, victim mentality, the need to be liked, and the need to be right are the four main mindset culprits
  • Focus on being of service to the client by understanding their reasons for buying your services

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