Take Flight: Elevate Your Mindset to Profitability

Alejandra Leibovich, Co-Founder of How To Manage A Small Law Firm, explains how law firm owners can get off the ground and take flight to escape the “doctrine of sacrifice” mentality. She also recounts the early days of How To Manage and the origin of TAYE ASTUYA.

Stuck on the Ground

Running a profitable law firm requires a strategic bird’s eye view. Ale shares how struggling law firm owners stay bogged down in day-to-day tasks such as answering phones or cleaning toilets. This “ground level” thinking focuses on control and quality, but fails to effectively delegate those tasks, create systemized processes, or build in profitability.

“The only way for your law firm to grow is for it to help more people.”

RJon Robins

Steps to Take Off

  • Categorize overhead (Static or Dynamic) expenses.
  • Hire team members who can operate more strategically than you
  • Develop systems for accountability rather than to micromanage
  • Invest in areas such as marketing, training, and planning
  • Learn and then learn some more:
    • Attend business education courses/events
    • Gain insight from profitable law firm owners

Cruising Altitude

Profitability requires elevating your mindset. By taking flight you grow your firm’s capacity to serve more clients at a higher level. Plus, with increased profits, your law firm will attract rockstar team members to further your business goals.

Connect and Engage

And most importantly, order your copy of Profit First for Lawyers today!

Your future self will thank you!