Tax Advisors Decoded

In this episode, we uncover key insights about financial and tax advisors – what they do, what their limitations are, and how to know if yours are right for you.

RJon in the Studio

During the recording session for chapter seven of the Profit First For Lawyers audiobook, Karli asked RJon about the differences between a bookkeeper, a controller, an accountant, and a CFO. RJon answers with a creative description of each role as it relates to a fictional road trip for business travel.

CPAs and Taxes

In an unaired clip from episode 24: Your Law Firm’s Secret Weapon: Tax Strategist, we hear from CPA and Tax Strategist, Larry Brown. He reveals that unless a CPA receives additional training specific to tax strategy they may not have the knowledge to strategically advise you on your law firm’s taxes. Larry also offers insight into what to look for in a tax strategist advocate.

Learn how to build your tax strategy at the next Tax Strategy Workshop.

Profit First For Lawyers Book Testimonial

Lawyer Melissa Barry shares her experience after reading the Profit First For Lawyers book. As someone who is “not a numbers person,” she found great value in how the book gave her a new perspective and understanding of numbers and the profitability of her law firm.

Connect and Engage

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