Your Law Firm’s Secret Weapon: Tax Strategist

In this episode we hear from RJon’s personal and business tax strategist, Larry Brown. As a CPA and Tax Attorney, Larry has a deep understanding of tax laws and a knack for strategic planning. This episode will reshape the way you think about your law firm’s tax strategy.

RJon in the Studio

RJon challenges the age-old belief that expenses are always a negative. He unveils how, with the right tax strategy, these expenses can be transformed into investments for your business and savings on your tax bill. He emphasizes the importance of proactive tax planning and why it’s vital for every law firm.

Tax Strategy Tips:

  1. Have a Tax Strategy: Larry emphasizes that most people operate without any tax strategy, and this is their biggest mistake. 
  2. Stop Fearing the IRS: Many live in fear of the IRS, which stops them from taking advantage of tax cuts and credits allowed by law. 
  3. Implement Your Strategy: Larry stresses that merely having a strategy isn’t enough. It’s essential to put it in place and follow through for it to be effective.

You can take the first step right now by attending the next Tax Strategy Workshop:

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