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In order to know if you will achieve your goals you first have to know where you are right now. In this episode, Financial Literacy and Strategy Expert, Evelyn Aucoin talks about identifying your Total Owner Benefits and then reverse engineering your way there.

Defining Total Owner Benefits (TOB)

Evelyn stresses the importance of working with a tax strategist to maximize fringe benefits while staying compliant. Law firm owners should define their TOB targets proactively rather than letting them happen by chance.

To attain your desired TOB, Evelyn outlines the following steps:

  1. Define your Total Owner Benefits vision
  2. Understand your current financial reality
  3. Identify milestones, set targets, and track progress
  4. Analyze your current lead generation and conversion rates
  5. Know your A & B avatars and focus on serving them

She shares several examples of lawyers who are empowered and selective of the types of clients they serve as part of their Total Owner Benefits of happiness and success.

Key Takeaways

• Define your TOB goals in the context of your financial, personal, and professional aspirations

• Know where you are today in order to create a realistic road map toward your goals

• You manifest with your feet so take action by breaking down your goals into smaller micro-actions


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