G.A.S Calls: How To Sell Legal Services To Repeat Clients

In part three of our four-part series on sales, we are rejoined by How To MANAGE a Small Law Firm’s very own sales expert, Tania Music. In this episode, Tania shares how showing your current, former, and potential clients you care is a powerful strategy to grow your business.

G.A.S. Calls

We begin with a clip from RJon who introduces the concept of G.A.S. Calls, which stands for “give a shit calls.” These calls involve genuinely caring for your clients, checking in on them, and offering help or resources even if it doesn’t directly result in new business for your firm. By consistently showing clients that you care, you stay top of mind and increase the likelihood of future business and referrals.

Tania further expands upon this by offering practical and actionable tips for getting started with making G.A.S. Calls. She encourages law firm owners to involve their team, and make G.A.S. Calls a regular part of their law firm’s practice. She gives several examples of law firm owners who have seen massive growth after implementing G.A.S. Calls on a regular basis.

Key Takeaways

  • G.A.S. Calls are about genuinely caring for clients, not just seeking new business
  • Consistently showing clients that you care leads to increased referrals and revenue
  • Overcoming fear and dedicating time to G.A.S. Calls is crucial for business growth
  • Involve your entire team and schedule an entire day to make G.A.S. Calls

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