Why Profit First Works

In this episode of the Profit First For Lawyers podcast, we journey through an engaging exploration of creativity and profit-boosting strategies. RJon Robins reveals why “Profit First” works and outshines other accounting systems. He equates the methodology to his past approach towards studying, where limiting the available time forced him to complete assignments efficiently. The same principle applies to law firms. By putting profit first, creativity is instigated, leading to innovative strategies that maximize your business’s performance. The method has been proven time and again, transforming hundreds of solo and small law firm owners’ practices and lives.

Podcast host Karli Royer, shares the backstory behind the campaign to promote RJon Robins’ new book, “Profit First For Lawyers,” during his time away in Paris. You’ll learn how Team RJon has been challenged to sell 10,000 books to earn “the biggest of bonuses”, pushing everyone to bring creative and unconventional ideas to life. It’s an example of how the Profit First mindset can drive innovation and extraordinary results.

Finally, we grant you access to behind-the-scenes bloopers from our audiobook recording sessions. Enjoy the candid moments where RJon struggles with some intricate Italian pronunciations, proving that even the best of us fumble occasionally. It’s a light-hearted glimpse into the making of “Profit First For Lawyers” audiobook and a reminder that injecting fun into work sparks creativity.

The Profit First for Lawyers podcast is hosted by Karli Royer and Team RJon as part of a stealth launch of the Profit First For Lawyers book. Buy your copy of the book today. Your future self will thank you.

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