The Power of Boundaries

What do boundaries have to do with Profit First?

Raul Longoria from Team RJon shares how setting and maintaining boundaries in his personal life set the stage for improved peace of mind. Which has translated into overall profitability in other areas of his life.

RJon in the Studio

RJon challenges listeners to rethink conventional wisdom by prioritizing their law firm’s profitability. Something which may fly in the face of the advice you may have received from bookkeepers, CPAs, and tax strategists in the past. Given that a profitable law firm benefits clients, staff, and family, shouldn’t that take priority over the comfort and convenience of advisors?

Key Takeaways

  • Setting boundaries allows you to make your own profitability a priority
  • Saying “no” can be uncomfortable but is often the kindest thing to do
  • Do not tolerate toxicity just to “keep the peace” at your own expense
  • Holding boundaries encourages others’ growth and potential
  • Surround yourself with people who inspire your greater self

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